Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wonders of Link Building in SEO.

I have felt the 'cuts and bruises' of backlinking. Getting your site on top 5 results on search engine results page requires getting things optimized on the site, as well as, OFF the site. If you got all the keywords and meta tags and what not right on the site, don't be too happy! You need tow ork OFF your site too!

Let me take you to the world of Backlinking, also known as Link building.

Link building can be as tough as keeping good relations with your introvert, insecure neighbors, those that even if you smile at,  will think you are some terrorist and close the door on your face.Anywayz...

I will whine about getting RESULTS in backlinking. Every action has an equal reaction, right? Input=Output -some losses, right? Doesn't work like that in back linking. In my experience, 1 out of every 5 (in bad days upto 10) attempts in back linking succeeds i.e. in getting approved, with a do-follow and a nice PR, which basically means you wont get to find many sites, the first place.  It takes about thirty minutes or an hour to add a link and you need 100s of good PR links.(Of course this is not the only thing i want to be doing all day and night long!). Dont be TOO disappointed, if that is what is happening to you as well.

Peopl say, forget the hassle, buy some links. I don't believe in paying off for acquiring links aka premium links.. I heard Google don't like them much and can penalize your site if you get random amount of premium links. Its internet guys, a free media then why pay? And if i have to pay i will just hire some affordable SEO service providers and get my work done!

What HAS worked for me in backlinking. (just in mood of some happy thoughts today)
Article Submission:
Reason: Google loves original content and there are less chances of  spamming in this domain. The article sites usually have do-follow links to your site.So write articles about your site and keep submitting them!

Try it out and let me know what you think!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Top 8 Reasons Why I Hate SEO!

Lets get to the point of making this blog- most important reason; to talk about why I hate search engine optimization (SEO).Second, discuss issues faced by the newbie's like us related to SEO. Since, i am coerced to join internet marketing field thanks to the DOT COM economy! Here are my reasons to hate the most loved phenomenon on the web. 
  1. The day i got to know about SEO, my wonderful image of innocent search world got destroyed. I thought Google cant be tricked. I thought whatever keyword i type in search bar, Google will search for the big www world and find the VERY right page for me. Sighs!
  2. SEO has made people wicked! So now if i want to search for some good make up tips(surprise, i am a girl!) and go to a forum, i don't even know if the people exchanging views on forums are actual people/consumers or they are just saying because it will help get them some traffic to there website. SEO= murder of honesty!
  3. It got worse, when i had my own site and i typed in few keywords and excitedly wait to see my site in the search results. Blimey! i couldn't find my site till some 10th page! (who goes till the 10th page in search engine!)
  4. People complained about competition and monopoly among multinationals in the gaga brick and mortar companies. Oh guess what in the www world thanks to SEO, a newbie has to compete with giants. I mean in offline world, you can at least run a small shop and still earn some money. Here 'there is no chance honey'!
  5. SEO is technical. I thought it would be about content changes, keywords, writing about fancy thing. Wrong again, there are things like duplicate content, URL structures, meta tags.Agggh, it is too techy for my taste.
  6. There are smarter people than me in SEO world. I shall admit that! So like i am some 5 years behind and it will take me some months or a year or two to catch up. I realize that and live with it every day!
  7. What is right and what is wrong in SEO?! It keeps varying. Matt Cutts though tries and tell us now and then, there is still a lot of confusion. Google SEO starter guide is of  little help only. I think its more of there own product promotion (i hope you reading this Google bot!)
  8. Intense efforts required with uncertain results. So for example, if i want to get my site on the top on search engine results, i would have to do two hundred things or so. But guess what, i would never get to know if these efforts are a) well directed b) will pay me off on time c) his highness Google really cares about them or not!
I feel a little light today.

Hear me grumble more! or grumble with me. i am a whiny!
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